Fibo Wall Panels

The New, Obvious Choice in Wall Paneling 

One hundred percent waterproof and grout free, Fibo laminated wall panels are the obvious choice for both bathroom and kitchen wall paneling. Often called the, “No Tile, Tile Wall,” Fibo wall panels offer the look of wall tile without the hassle of tile grout. They come in exquisite designs to match your creativity including traditional, contemporary, modern farmhouse and shabby chic and the different colors and patterns allow you to create a room to match your personality.   The wall panels and the visible joints are laminate, which makes them easy to maintain and quick and painless to clean. 


Done Rite Handyman & Remodeling Service is an official installer of Fibo wall panels and is ready to help you modernize your home.  Call us now at 313-378-1788 to learn more and get a free estimate. 

Fibo Wall Panels have been popular in the UK since 1981, recently making their mark on the U.S. They are versatile and can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, as a countertop backsplash, in offices, reception areas and even garages. 

They offer more than just quality and high performance. When compared to traditional tiling, they offer faster and more efficient installation with just minimal cleaning and maintenance required. 

View the various colors and designs available in the gallery below

FAQs About Fibo Wall Panels


Fibo wall panels are constructed using exterior grade water and boil proof (WBP) plywood and when installed by a certified Fibo installer such as us, guaranteed fully waterproof. 

Grout Free

Fibo wall panels give you the look of a tile wall without worrying about dirty grout joints. The wall panels and the visible joints are both made of laminate materials which means no more scrubbing, fixing or replacing grouts.  

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Because there are no grout joints, there is no grout maintenance.  Fibo wall panels can be kept clean simply using a soft, clean cloth, warm water and non-abrasive detergent. 


Because Fibo wall panels are 100% waterproof, they will not cause mold to build-up and will be more hygienic for the entire family. 

Multiple Looks

With 21 different colors and patterns available, you can choose a design and unique look that caters to your personality. 

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