IntelliDeck is premiere, innovative technology ensuring your outdoor deck is waterproof and environmentally friendly. IntelliDeck is a water-based membrane designed to be placed on new or existing decks shielding the area underneath against the weather and expanding your living space. Perfect for elevated and rooftop decks as well as patios, porches and even your garage floor. 

Done Rite Handyman & Remodeling Service is the only Factory Trained Certified Installer of IntelliDeck within a 200 mile radius.

Say Goodbye to Deck Maintenance and Hello to Enhanced Living Space!

Outside patio with IntelliDeck
Outdoor patio using IntelliDeck

Unlike normal pressure-treated and composite decking, IntelliDeck is a deck skin that protects your patio from water damage, as well as anything underneath. It is the ultimate way to enhance your living space and utilize the area under your deck. 

Perfect for elevated and rooftop decks, porches and patios, IntelliDeck can be used as a waterproof under layer, on garage floors, wheelchair ramps, in washrooms and even on basement floors.

IntelliDeck requires very little maintenance, is UV resistant, barefoot friendly and slip resistant. And 100% made in the U.S.A.


Say Goodbye to Sanding and Staining and Hello to Years of Relaxation!

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FAQ's about IntelliDeck


When installed by a Factory Trained Certified Installer, IntelliDeck is 100% waterproof. It consists of high performance PVC membrane that will waterproof not only your deck, but the foundation and potential living space below. 

Slip Proof

IntelliDeck is a code compliant product exceeding the American Disability Act (ADA) slip requirements. In fact, IntelliDeck’s slip resistance even improves when it gets wet.

Splinter Proof

IntelliDeck is a green product that uses recycled raw materials. No wood is actually used in the product which means no splinters. Barefeet and paws welcome!

Eco Friendly

IntelliDeck, a green company, is fully committed to the environment and uses a high percentage of post consumer recycled content in its construction, with little to no waste.

Low Maintenance

IntelliDeck requires very little maintenance. Pressure wash twice a year or simply use a mop with soap and water. No more staining required! 


IntelliDeck offers a 15 year limited waterproof warranty against leaking. 

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Cool Colors® Heat

Reduction Technology

IntelliDeck Cool Colors

IntelliDeck is the only decking product to offer Cool Colors®, a heat-reduction technology that decreases the temperature of your deck's surface, making it up to 20% cooler. 

Above: The Natural Collection: Walnut With Cool Colors®

This patented heat-reduction technology is a welcome feature to your toes and your animals' paws. 


Contact us and we can install Cool Colors® along with IntelliDeck on your deck or patio now!

IntelliDeck Cool Colors

Above: The Natural Collection: Silver Maple With Cool Colors®

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