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Sound-Tec is a waterproof, sound reducing, floating floor that offers the look and feel of wood but is easy to maintain. It is made of Stone-Polymer Composite, an ultra durable, highly dense limestone that is both pleasing to the eye and immensely durable. With its variety of carefully selected color options, Sound-Tec is both natural looking and aesthetically appealing. ​

Its high abrasion-resistant floor coating makes it highly unaffected by punctures, scratches and able to sustain heavy foot traffic. Combine this and its anti-absorbent surface, Sound-Tec is both kid and pet-friendly. 

Done Rite Handyman & Remodeling Service has been trained and certified to install Sound-Tec flooring. 

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Sound-Tec Barn Owl
Sound-Tec Floor Kodiak

Why Choose Sound-Tec?

Sound Resistant

It’s high-density evafoam underlayment, not only provides comfort for walking but also greatly reduces the transfer of sound across multi-level dwellings surpassing both IIC and STC standards.

100% Waterproof

Sound Tech's one-dimensional surface does not absorb odors or spills and is resistant to swelling and buckling when introduced to water.  It is the perfect solution for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms susceptible to water exposure. 

Pet and Kid-Friendly

Its enhanced polyurethane system makes it highly durable, stain-resistant and less prone to punctures and scratches. 

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Environmental Stability

Sound-Tec floors have been independently certified by SCS Global Services and comply with the volatile organic compound emissions criteria of the California Section 01350 standard. 

Faster Installation

Sound-Tec comes equipped with a Rapidlock quick system that requires no glue and is faster to install. 


Sound-Tec floors offer a product lifetime manufacturer's warranty and an up to 15-year wear and walk through warranty. 

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Sound-Tec Color Daybreak
Sound-Tec Color Navajo
Sound-Tec Color Twilight
Sound-Tec Color Kodiak
Sound-Tec Color Monterey
Sound-Tec Color Expresso
Sound-Tec Color Sierra
Sound-Tec Color Alamo
Sound-Tec Color Midland Grey
Sound-Tec 3.0 sample
Sample of Sound-Tec Plus
Sound-Tec Tile

Sound-Tec 3.0

  • - 7 X 48

  • - 20 Mil wear layer

  • -6MM thickness

  • -100% waterproof

  • 25 different color choices

  • -Sound migration qualities that are targeted for multi-family housing


Sound-Tec PLUS - Offers a large plank size for a different style.

  • -9 X 60

  • -6MM thickness

  • -20 Mil wear layer

  • 7 different color choices

  • Painted bevel


Our Sound-Tec TILE  - Offers a different style but still has all the qualities of Sound-Tec. 

  • -12 X 24

  • -6MM thickness

  • -20 MIL wear layer

  • -100% waterproof

  • 6 different color choices 

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