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Our comprehensive home management plan forms a pyramid of protection for your house.

On the bottom layer, we identify and resolve small issues through our routine monthly maintenance service. Your assigned dedicated service technician completes a monthly and seasonal checklist to keep your house in peak condition.

The middle layer preserves and enhances the value of your home through our value-added services. We work with pre-screened service providers to provide everything from HVAC service to lawn care, windows, chimney cleaning and more. You receive one invoice, pay one check and work with one company for all of the above.


The top of the pyramid reflects project management of larger scale home improvement projects and emergency repairs.  We understand that every customer’s home is unique, and we work with only screened and trusted partners to handle each customer’s needs. When emergency repairs arise, we offer a trusted resource to have them repaired quickly, correctly and with minimum hassle.

Pyramid of Protection

Think of us as your one-stop shop for all things home repairs, home improvement and home maintenance. 

A Smarter Way to Care for Your Home

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