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A Countertop Designed With You in Mind 

Done Rite Handyman & Remodeling Service now installs Z Counterforms Concrete Countertops.  Z Counterforms is a concrete countertop designed specifically for easy and quick installation. They are heat resistant, durable, easy to maintain and unlike other countertop materials, the seams and grout lines are virtually invisible. 

There is an abundance of styles to choose from including sophisticated, elegant, industrial, modern and traditional. The color options are limitless and concrete countertops can be molded into any shape you can imagine. Concrete is non-static, therefore the countertops will evolve and adopt character as they age. For those who want an enhanced design, materials such as stone, glass, ceramic, fossils, seashells and more can be embedded into the countertop to add personality. 


Call us now at 313-378-1788 to learn more and get a free estimate. Done Rite Handyman & Remodeling Service can personalize your brand new concrete countertops to fit your personal style and budget.  

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Why Choose Concrete?


Concrete countertops are durable and strong and resist chipping and scratching. They will last for decades with a minimum amount of basic maintenance. When a protective coating is added, both strength and durability are enhanced. 

Low Maintenance

Concrete countertops clean up quickly with mild soap and water and are easily maintained by having them resealed every two to three years. 

Heat & Stain Resistant

A properly sealed countertop can withstand both heat and those hard to remove stains such as coffee and wine. 

Invisible Seams

With concrete countertops, an entire surface can be one piece, creating a smoother surface with virtually invisible seam and grout lines. 


Unlike quartz, granite, tile and other countertop materials, concrete has an unlimited selection of both shapes and colors. Various items such as seashells, fossils, pebbles and recycled materials can be embedded in the concrete. All of this makes for a unique look one can have personlalized to fit their needs. 

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