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Monthly Home Maintenance Plan

Inspect/Clean Drains
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Home Maintenance

The Most Efficient Way to Keep Up Home Maintenance 

Each month your dedicated service technician will complete a comprehensive list of home maintenance chores covering every room in your house. This includes but is not limited to cleaning drains, changing furnace filters, changing light bulbs, testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and caulking showers, tubs and sinks. We handle the “honey do list” for you, so you don’t have to. 

Our complete list of monthly services performed is below. 

Routine Monthly Services Include:

General Services

  • Check/Replace Light Bulbs

  • Test Smoke/CO Detectors

  • Check Fire Extinguishers

  • Service Doors/Hinges/Locks

  • Inspect/Lubricate Sliding Door Tracks

  • Check Window Glass/Screens

  • Look for/Repair Settlement Cracks/Pops



  • Inspect/Clean HVAC Filters

  • Drain 1/2 Gallon from Water Heater

  • Inspect/Empty Dehumidifier

  • Inspect/Empty House Vacuum Containers

  • Test Gas Fireplace(s)

Kitchen and Bath

  • Inspect/Repair Tub/Shower Caulking

  • Inspect/Repair Sink Caulking

  • Inspect/Repair Grout in Showers

  • Inspect/Clean Drains

  • Inspect/Clean Faucet Aerators

  • Inspect/Repair Toilets

  • Operate/Lubricate Bath Ventilation Fans

  • Inspect/Repair Counter Caulking

  • Add Freshener to Dishwasher

  • Clean/Sharpen Garbage Disposal

  • Add Freshener to Refrigerator



  • Inspect/Repair Exterior Facing on House

  • Inspect/Repair Exterior Caulking

  • Inspect hose bibs

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