StreamLabs® Control 

Real-Time Leak Protection With 24/7 Peace of Mind

Real-Time Leak Protection With 24/7 Peace of Mind

No More Freezing pipes! No More Costly, Damaging Leaks!

Now you can monitor your water use and identify leaks, anywhere and anytime with the StreamLabs® Control. This smart device features patented ultrasonic technology that offers real-time leak detection, inline water pressure, humidity and temperature sensors. All of this connects to a remote water shut-off feature that will help prevent costly damages to your home.

​What Problem Does the StreamLabs® Control Solve?

StreamLabs® Control gives you the ability to stop leaks. If you’re like the vast majority, you receive a bill from your utility company once a month, or quarterly, and have no idea how much water you’re using until faced with an issue. With StreamLabs® Control, you can obtain all your usage stats in real-time. The app also shows you comparative usage history, flow data, water pressure data, current water temperature, room temperature, humidity and alert history.

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StreamLabs Controls

Watch and Learn How StreamLabs® Control Works

  • Alerts for pressure, leaks and freezing water or temperature around the main water line

  • Integration with Google's Nest and Amazon Alexa for smart home innovation. 

  • Real-time data with the Smart Alerts ™  Feature!  This innovative feature is a setting in the StreamLabs App that allows your device (Monitor or Control) to learn your water usage patterns over a seven days. Once the learning period is over, your device will send you an alert any time your water usage appears to be abnormal. The learning period can be restarted at any time. This unique feature allows you to analyze your water usage during different seasons for optimal budget control. Obtain all your real-time usage stats so you can compare your history, flow data, current water temperature and more.

Features and Benefits of StreamLabs® Control 

  • Find those hard to place leaks with the Drip Detect™ feature. The Drip Detect™ allows us to search very small leaks that would otherwise get missed in normal usage monitoring.​

  • Finally, if your power goes out, the StreamLabs® Control has a battery power override feature that allows you to open or close the valve.

How Can StreamLabs® Control Save Me Money?

A common misconception about leaks is that if you have one in your house, you will see or hear it.  These leaks are typically caused by pipe failure. However, most leaks in your home, such as the running toilet or leaking shower drain, won't leave water on your floor. Instead, these leaks add dollar signs to your water bills over time, costing you unnecessary amounts of money.  


At this point, it is usually too late and the damage is already done. StreamLabs® Control will catch both types of leaks, shut-off the water and alert you right away. 

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