Versa Lift

Your Ultimate Solution to Garage Clutter!

Versa Lift allows you to rethink the way you organize. Utilizing your home's hidden storage space, Versa Lift makes items disappear like magic. Now you can easily convert your overhead attic space into an easy storage solution by purchasing a Versa Lift from Done Rite Handyman & Remodeling Service, or we can install it for you.  Versa Lift, a powerful electric platform, eliminates the need for serious risk with the use of a ladder. Up to 200 pounds of storage items can be transported into your new storage space and placed out of sight. See example in the picture below. 

Versa Lift before and after

Versa Lift adds both convenience and safety to organized storage. 

Don't risk serious injury from carrying bulky storage containers up and down stairs. You only need to push a button on the hand-held remote and all of your heavy items will magically transport from one floor to another.


Versa Lift is ideal for multi-level homes, including split level, coastal homes and basements. In flood-prone areas, Versa Lift will quickly move your most cherished items to the highest place in your house.  

It's Time to Rethink the Way You Organize!

Versa Lift Storage

Watch To Learn More About Versa Lift and It's Features

My husband and I are huge fans of the Versa Lift and the Versa Rail that goes around our attic stairs. They make our attic useful and save space. All tours of our house now includes a lift demo.


With the lift, I can use all of my attic storage space and know that I am able to obtain my things anytime I want.

It is terrific! In fact, we bragged about it so much to our chiropractor, he bought and installed one at his house! 

                  -Jan and Carol Heier, Alabama

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